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Ensuring your technology works - not once, but every time.  30 Years of Making IT Happen

We know it's essential that technology delivers each and every time it is needed.  OCS Consulting offers two forms of managed services to ensure that our solutions are always reliable:

New technology projects have a higher risk of failing to deliver on schedule and within budgets. We believe as a partner we should be happy to mitigate risk and take our share of delivery responsibility by committing to dates and efforts, which we can demonstrate are achievable and realistic*. We don't like to take advantage of customers, so we offer capped rather than fixed prices.

We also offer tailored support for operational systems, which can range from an emergency service to full outsourcing.  Our popular umbrella coverage includes specific applications applications and systems, and in quieter periods we can use spare capacity for other services, which might include application development, infrastructure services, business or data analysis.  We call it earned value support.

For further information regarding our managed services please email: or call 020 8731 4338.

*We believe as a partner, we must also be prepared to deliver difficult messages, which includes stating when in our experience we believe a delivery schedule and/or budget to be too optimistic or ill founded as there lacks details in key areas, particularly dependencies.