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Insurance Solutions - Back to the Future

In today's market more than ever, Insurance organisations are operating in a highly complex and challenging environment.  They need to maintain competitive advantage, deliver customer satisfaction and develop improved product offerings against increasing regulations, a rapidly changing industry structure and the need for greater cost efficiency.

Clearly in this market IT services and technology play a major part.  The trend has been to see how the effective use of new technologies and the adoption of new IT sourcing models can deliver benefits.  Common centralised systems, streamlined processes and work-flow, outsourcing and the use of off-shore resources are all being adopted and each one is bringing greater process and cost efficiencies.  But what of the down-side?

Like every economic equation there needs to be a balance and for the Insurance market the ability to maintain competitive advantage by being able to rapidly deliver Customer and Product Innovation is being compromised.  In what is an extremely competitive environment the characteristics of responsiveness, agility and innovation are not being supported by economies of scale or rationalisation of the process described above.  The result being that..........

Business departments are now looking to supplement their corporate IT services with an alternative..... Business / End User Computing solutions.  In this back to the future shift in the implementation of IT, Business Users are recognising that although its fine to have the utility providing key IT services, these are never going to provide competitive advantage.  What is needed are skilled specialists with knowledge of the business delivering rapid solutions...... locally, quickly, flexibly and economically.

OCS Consulting understands this and has been actively supporting customers in the Insurance sector for over 35 years, delivering small and medium sized solutions for companies operating across a broad range of Insurance sectors.  In an increasingly competitive market, OCS delivers quality services to its customers featuring:

Examples of recent projects and assignments are:



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