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During our 35+ year history, OCS Consulting has established a number of partnerships with organisations including Microsoft, SAS Institute, Boemska Ltd, TIW Group, Alphabet Resourcing, CPI PaypodTM, VersionOne and BP Logix.  An overview of each of our partnerships is below.  If you would like further details on any of our partnerships or alliances please contact Maurice Aroesti on 020 8731 4335 or email

Microsoft - Silver Partner - Application Development and Mid-market Solutions provider

In response to the growing demand from Corporate and SME customers for Microsoft technology services, OCS Consulting has made significant investment in employees, skills and facilities to enable the provision of a full range of IT services from desktop support to the development and support of complex Web and Smart Client business applications.  OCS was first accredited as a Microsoft Partner in 2000 and went on to achieve a range of Microsoft accreditations.  The achievement of becoming a recognised Microsoft Partner is extremely important for OCS and is evidence of our commitment to providing our clients with high quality Microsoft technology based services and solutions.

SAS Institute and OCS Consulting BV Gold Partner

SAS Institute, a leading supplier of Business Analytics software, has engaged with OCS Consulting BV for the implementation of SAS solutions within the Netherlands.  The partnership emphasises OCS' comprehensive knowledge of specific solutions offered by SAS.  "Many small and medium size businesses and research institutions quickly turn to SAS Software in an effort to comply with regulatory requirements and to join a de facto industry standard for data analysis and reporting" says Yves Poriau, General Manager of OCS Consulting BV.

TIW Group

​OCS and TIW Group are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership designed to be able to deliver complete business and technology solutions for London Market Insurance Brokers and Underwriters.

TIW Group is a well-established Technology company based in the City, TIW specialises in Managed Services and Consulting.

TIW design and deliver each Managed Service specifically to improve the processing capability, efficiency, and compliance of insurance back and front office operations. TIW’s Managed Services include:

TIW full-time employees provide their specialist insurance expertise and software development experience on a Consulting basis. Ready for any assignment, TIW’s insurance specialists have expert working knowledge of:

TIW and OCS partner to provide these and many more services as fully integrated offerings.

Boemska Ltd

OCS Consulting and Boemska Ltd have recently signed a partnership which will enable expanded services within the SAS software market.  Boemska Ltd is a technology company specialising in the development and implementation of software products designed to enhance and extend the SAS Business Intelligence Platform; Enterprise Session Monitor for SAS and HTML5 Data Adaptor for SAS. 

"We at OCS are delighted to partner Boemska Ltd with the implementation of their leading edge SAS AF legacy modernisation and SAS performance monitoring products.  These products align perfectly with OCS' commitment to SAS technology and our extensive legacy technology and managed service offerings".  - Maurice Aroesti, OCS Group Chief Executive.

CPI PaypodTM

TM to become an authorised reseller. CPI’s Paypod product is a pay station: a fully integrated, automated payment solution. Designed to eliminate the challenges of accepting cash payments, Paypod removes the need for employees to handle cash manually at the point of sale. With Paypod, customers pay at the pay station with notes and coins, and the transaction is managed by software integrated directly with the store’s POS system. Paypod then returns notes and coins as change to the customer and the transaction is complete. Retail staff are free to assist customers without handling cash payments, for a more hygienic and customer-focused transaction. Alphabet and OCS - Insurance Partners

Alphabet and OCS have had a partnership for the last 10 years and continues to find the best Insurance solutions for its clients.  Alphabet's expertise lies with deploying deep insurance knowledge and technical skills by providing highly skilled and professionally trained staff to Brokers, Underwriters, Intermediaries, IT companies and Lawyers to support their business objectives, direction and vision.  Alphabet are experts in IRIS and have consultants with over 20 years' experience developing, implementing and configuring this leading London Market underwriting application.


As the process of providing solutions into fast-paced environments becomes more challenging, it is becoming more important to focus on the near-sighted objectives and to increase efficiency.  Scrum allows you to do this whilst providing greater clarity on projects, their status and producing a high quality end product.  VersionOne is a tool that allows for remote and local collaboration of scrum activities helping you easily plan and track your agile software projects, releases and iterations within a drag-and-drop format and using familiar spreadsheet and whiteboard-style user interfaces.  VersionOne allows for traditional Scrum, Kanban and DevOps management approaches with an all in one approach to tracking epics, stories, themes, defects, tasks, tests and issues.  VersionOne also gives you visibility across multiple teams, projects and portfolios. 

Maurice Aroesti, Group Chief Executive of OCS Consulting said, "With a strong background in Project Management Methods and including PRINCE2 & DSDM, Scrum is an exciting addition to our portfolio of skills.  Being able to partner with a software vendor that can easily scale and support our clients is important to OCS".

If you are looking for a way to better manage your existing scrum deliverables or are looking to transition, know that OCS has certified scrum masters who, in partnership with VersionOne, can help you improve project delivery.

Let's talk Agile.

BP Logix

In its engagement with its medium to large enterprise customers, OCS Consulting has seen a growing need for expertise in helping customers manage and innovate their business processes.  To address this growing demand OCS has invested in developing expertise to offer a range of services from process delivery through to rapid implementation.  In order to underpin the delivery of its services OCS has partnered with BP Logix to provide a formidable solution for its customers in the UK and Benelux.  In addition to servicing its own customers, OCS is working closely with BP Logix EMEA to open a new markets in the region.

BP Logix is a privately held company headquartered in Vista, California.  Founded in 1995, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the Business Process Management (BPM) field.  BP Logix is the first software company to fully incorporate the dimension of time into business process management.  The company's flagship product Process Director, provides the infrastructure and process intelligence business users need to automate and improve business processes - without programming.  Its patent-pending Process Timeline TM technology enables business users to anticipate the impact of changing conditions.  The solution predicts potential problems in recurring business processes and adjusts those processes accordingly.  As a result, the business is able to avoid delays and eliminate missed deadlines.

OCS' BPM Services:

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