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OCS Consulting plc has been providing client/server and internet application software services using Oracle's database and development tools for over 30 years.

OCS has delivered a range of solutions based on Oracle technologies, providing Consultancy, Support and Application Development for projects both on-premises and Cloud-based. OCS' Oracle DBAs / Developers and Analyst Programmers are experienced in a range of technologies, able to support and provide a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses to manage, process, and analyse their data and applications effectively.

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Key Benefits:

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Oracle DBA

Oracle APEX

Oracle Exadata

Performance Engineering

Architecture Engineering

An overview of some of the projects we have successfully delivered for clients:

A Global Insurance Organisation
OCS were called upon by this client after a large acquisition was made. OCS were tasked with the job of integrating the acquisition's Oracle estate within the client's internal platforms, and covered all aspects of this project, including the design of all databases, specifications for the correct infrastructure setup, and installing on a Linux VM with Data Guard replication. OCS carried out the data cut-over, and once this was complete OCS then undertook data quality assessment to ensure any data errors could be noted and addressed. During this integration OCS upgraded from Oracle 10g to Oracle 19c and once live, OCS supported the system. In addition, OCS undertook changes to fix some outstanding performance issues and to automate some processes.

Leading NfP Organisation and the largest fleet operator in Europe
OCS Consultants were tasked to analyse and develop an integrated system between AWS RDS Oracle and the cloud-based data lake Snowflake. Using technologies such as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) provides integration and data governance. Business users benefit with a rich interface developed in Oracle Apex. OCS implemented a Data transformation process using ODI 12C from multiple source systems, e.g. Flat Files, SQL Server, Postgres DB and Oracle 19c database and created a Data Warehouse.  We maintained the data dictionary and technical documentation for the developed logics in Confluence and provided management of the DDL scripts and PL/SQL code versions in Bitbucket. OCS Consultants worked closely with a BA and quality engineers to understand and estimate the tasks, providing a timely and effective solution.

A leading Media Company
OCS Consultants undertook multiple Oracle database legacy conversions from 11gR1 to 11gR2 ( Exadata as a consolidation platform exercise for a number of high end transactional billing and distribution systems. Databases of various sizes are in the process of migration; the smallest 200gb, the largest 20Tb. In moving to a 2 compute node Oracle Exadata X3 platform (OEL V5.5), OCS was also tasked with looking at ways of improving throughput and increasing system stability, and driving down storage costs.

An International Travel Company
OCS offered 3rd line support for a new Exadata 11gR2 (X2 half rack 4 compute and 7 cell node) deployment covering a variety of Oracle database types (Datawarehouse. OLTP and DS system) as a consolidation engine. OCS initially reviewed current performance issues with the DSS loaded application, determined the root cause, and, having checked cell/compute node utilisation, recommended plan stability fixes using SPM and implemented these changes resulting in a tenfold reduction in batch runtimes to bring application runs in tolerance.

A large UK Investment Bank
OCS Consultants were tasked to analyse, perform a full performance review and recommend beneficial improvements to the Bank's critical business systems, for high net worth individuals and corporate clients, running on either Investment or Retail Bank Oracle database infrastructures. To assist 1st line production support, Database Administrators (DBAs) in performance and stability problem diagnosis and resolution of production issues, supported production rollout of code, tuned pre-release code/test harnesses and performance-engineered production solutions fit for production running and migration strategies from legacy Oracle solutions to Linux/Oracle RAC cloud-based infrastructure. This work has been successful across platform and operating versions including AIX, Solaris and Linux (Red Hat 6) covering Oracle 10gR2/1, 11gR2/1 and Oracle 12c.

A Multinational Software House
OCS Consultants were involved in assisting with a 22,000 concurrent user performance test covering the whole business lifecycle for online day peak hour processing, batch overnight activities, Oracle Apex front end development, Oracle Streams replication and data migration utilities. Our consultants were also responsible for the upgrade of the database architecture from Oracle RAC 10gR2 to 11gR2 (1 terabyte database), performance engineering regression testing and the evaluation of new 11g performance features under full peak load.

A European Telecoms Regulator
OCS Consultants were asked to design, engineer and build Oracle 64 bit 11gR2 Linux RedHat 5.5 RAC clusters to support the client's Spectrum Analysis application with full disaster recovery infrastructure, using Oracle Dataguard for both pre-production (UAT) and production services. The current production system (MS Windows Server 2003) was underperforming and experiencing serious performance degradation when under load.  As a solution, we recommended and undertook the implementation of Red Hat 5.5 Linux, which improved the application with significantly enhanced systems stability and reliability. This deployment was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

UK Internet Gaming Company
OCS were asked to undertake full performance engineering analysis on the organisation's core trading system, supporting 10,000 concurrent sessions across two RAC Linux Red Hat 5.4 clusters running Oracle 11gR2 CRS and 11gR2 RDBMS on a 1.3 terabyte OLTP database.

For further information on OCS Consulting's Oracle Database and Development Services please email or alternatively call James on 020 8731 4335.