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21st Century IT Delivery - DSDM® Atern - Agile Project Management Methodology

Corporate strategy sets IT's critical success factors (CSFs), which lead to defining structure, resources and deployment strategies.  As the need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of IT reaches new velocities from technological and economic drives, organisations are demanding IT departments reset their CSFs.  Business impacts beyond cost management will increase in importance and business expectations will be looking for greater integrated IT service provisioning than is experienced today

Delivery methodologies based on process, procedures and heavily weighted by risk mitigation will dominate the failed IT projects space.  The winners in IT service delivery will be those with the courage to engage in methodologies and suppliers based on the business user's needs and perception.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) methods were originated to respond to the highly structured, controlled and generally inflexible IT practices of expensive mainframe and large scale computing environments.  Formalised by Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM®), RAD focuses on bringing the IT team closer to the business teams, whilst bringing more financial accountability to the IT team's expenditure.

Responding to new techniques and methods DSDM® has developed a full Agile Project Framework - Atern creating a full lifecycle methodology which supports the delivery of Agile projects from project feasibility to implementation and delivery.  For many organisations who are familiar with Agile techniques, but may not be confident in the full implementation across all project stages then the development of Atern provides a necessary and complete methodology.

Agile Project Management, from estimating and planning to day-to-day implementation is necessary to ensure Agile Development is effective and efficient.  Lack of Agile Project Management will negate many of the Agile Development advantages.

For over 35 years, OCS has been providing bespoke development services that are based around delivering to focused requirements in short timeframes to satisfy urgent business needs and hence deliver the benefits of:

As an original member of the DSDM® Consortium in 1994, OCS initially developed its own proprietary RAD Methodology which has evolved over the years, most recently through the advent of Agile, EXTREME and Crystal Clear techniques and now Atern.  The success of OCS' Project Management Methodology lies in the continual enhancement selecting the most appropriate thinking from the latest schools of software development such as Atern. 

The major components are based on readily recognisable components of modern software engineering methods:

Further, OCS supplements the methodology with techniques such as:

in order to provide a modern, flexible and responsive delivery methodology ready to deliver to your business needs.

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