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Cash Management

OCS Cash Management Solutions - Managing Cash for Profit

Since 2008, OCS Cash Management Solutions has focused on the provision of innovative software solutions and services, specialising in the efficient management of cash for cash-intensive industries including CIT, Retail, Banking, Leisure, and Transport. OCS’ solutions integrate seamlessly with leading cash hardware devices to enable our clients to automate the handling and management of their cash. Automation delivers significant business benefits including enhanced productivity, reduced shrinkage, and optimised cash flow through same-day credit.

Software Solutions

OCS Cash Office Automation

Our full-function, self-service Cash Recycling solution for back-office deployment, integrated with a wide range of note and coin recycling devices from leading manufacturers including Glory, Arca, Scan Coin, and Revolution.

• Hardware-independent architecture for consistent User Interface in a hybrid hardware estate
• Feature-rich, retail-hardened business process flows including Deposit, Dispense, Change, and CIT Collection
• Highly configurable for different operational environments
• Multi-language and multi-currency
• Able to integrate with a variety of Cash Management portals and enterprise back-office systems

OCS Messenger

Our cash transaction and device event data messaging solution, integrated with smart-safe and cash recycling solutions from leading manufacturers including Glory, Arca, Scan Coin, Lincsafe, and Validator.

• Vendor-independent messaging protocol to connect hybrid hardware estates to your preferred Cash Management portal
• Configurable for Point-of-Sale or back-office deployment
• Language and currency agnostic

OCS Cash Operations Manager Portal

Our Cloud or On-Premises web portal solution to enable efficient operation of a large, hybrid estate of cash devices. With a glance at the COM portal dashboard, see the real time status of each device and enable your operational staff to react proactively to problems using remote management tools.

• Intuitive User Interface for use on PC, laptop, or mobile devices
• Able to support multiple languages and currencies
• Secure architecture with configurable data view and editable permissions model
• Offers the ability to drill down to view individual device configuration, status, and cash inventory
• Configurable real-time alerts for device problems, connectivity, and cash inventory levels
• Online and scheduled reporting with a range of standard reports and easy custom report setup to suit your needs

Services Overview

OCS has the experience and capability to offer a full range of services from initial solution design and implementation projects, to ongoing technical support and effective training.

We work in a consultative manner to ensure that our services meet your expectations at each stage of your cash management automation journey. OCS’ high-quality services are delivered throughout UK and Europe by our established UK based team.

We are currently supporting over 900 live installations deployed in UK and Europe including Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Estonia, and Romania.

For more detailed information on OCS Cash Management Solutions, please visit, email us at, or call us on 020 8731 4335.

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