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Would you like to join a leading UK IT Consultancy with a track record of ground-breaking IT projects?

At OCS Consulting, we give our employees the opportunity to carve their own path.  We will regularly assess the skills, experience, performance and ambitions of our employees to help them work out where they want to go and how best to get there.  We are always there to help our employees cope with the demands of working in IT consultancy, and reap benefits both financial and intellectual.  We pride ourselves on fostering an encouraging an open environment, where people are approachable and all voices are heard.

Working for OCS - what to expect - Expect the unexpected!

OCS is a dynamic, fast paced IT consultancy at the forefront of leading edge technology.  Working for an IT consultancy can be demanding and may involve working out of hours and you may be required to travel to client sites.  OCS will give you all the support you need and the rewards for success are excellent.  Your future with OCS is in your hands and we will treat you as an individual with your own unique goals.

Values & Ethics

Equal Opportunities Employer Statement

Our commitment

For an informal chat about a career at OCS please call 020 8731 4335.  Or alternatively send your CV:

As part of GDPR compliance, OCS Consulting will only process individual applicants and retain candidate data whilst OCS has active Consent. To provide such active Consent, including the latest updated copy of your CV which you agree for us to retain, please go to . Your Consent may be withdrawn at any stage via Forget Me, which is available on the same web page.  Additionally, you will be requested periodically to give active Consent to remain on the candidate database. We look forward to receiving your Consent and being able to further your application. Please note, we cannot and will not progress any candidate applications further without active Consent.

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