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Database Services

A broad and varied range of clients use OCS' Database Services to sustain, extend, compliment and support niche business activities.  Securing existing or pursuing new value from any database platform is guaranteed with OCS' Database Services.

Database vendors (e.g. Oracle and Microsoft) are enhancing product offerings and although widely deployed the latest versions of database management software only have a limited support matrix in the field.

Clients in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium are engaging in OCS' Database Services as well as remote services being delivered globally.  See how OCS Database Services can help you.

Technical Solutions

OCS' Database consultants can integrate into IT departments on a full-time, part-time, short-term, long-term basis either operating independently or as part of your project team.  This allows peaks and troughs to be managed, giving long-term continuity of knowledge once an assignment or project has been completed.  OCS engages in a partnership approach with its clients using the latest technologies for innovation and to manage cost of ownership and operations, this combined with capacity and performance engineering to ensure the solution scales for future workload.

Managed Service

OCS has been assisting clients in running efficient and effective database support functions.  OCS can provide a range of services to assist organisations including:

OCS' Database Service teams have a vast range of skills, experiences and domain expertise who collaborate in OCS' partnership based mode to achieve the outcomes required quickly, effectively and efficiently, whilst building a knowledge base to aid future activities.

Bespoke Support

In an increasingly and dynamic market place, OCS has helped its clients maintain their market position by delivering bespoke IT services and solutions that are geared towards the needs of their business and projects.  With over 35 years' experience of delivering bespoke database services we are confident we have a solution for you.  OCS provides a full range of Database Support Services covering simple on-demand, through to, SLA Managed Services.  Customisation to suit your organisation's needs and practices are well accommodated by the OCS Database Support teams.

For all your Database Services Support needs please contact OCS Consulting on 020 8731 4335 or email