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Self Service Automation

Self Service Automation Solutions - SSA

Whilst organisations are reaping the benefits of self service, a challenge remains:  how to mitigate the exposure of hardware independence and integrate the solution to maximise the benefits.  Our vision is to counter the failings that have happened in connectivity in self service solutions.

We recognise that our customer's past investments need to be part of today's solutions and form the backbone for tomorrow's services.  This can be achieved by seamlessly integrating existing legacy systems and data to maximise the benefits of the self service channel.

We are specialists in connecting self-service vendor-specific hardware to your solutions.  We de-couple the software to deliver your specific requirements based on your business situation.  Without having this broader view it will lead to high operating costs and less flexible and effective solutions where the weaknesses are accentuated when pursuing future business goals.

What is SSA?

Self Service Automation is a key component of organisational strategies for managing how a business engages with people, internally and externally.  Self service automation delivers intelligent solutions to extend communications, enrich customer service, optimise well understood processes as part of achieving targets and many other business goals.  The science behind self service automation is over 40 years old, yet how the infrastructure that constitutes self service automation is connected has remained largely overlooked.

Our Solutions

The OCS SSA Solutions framework is based on a suite of modules coupled with our consultants' knowledge that provides us with a unique and effective toolkit for integrating hardware and self service software as well as defining, developing and implementing self service software.  We have been delivering proven solutions to customers for years and we believe in working closely with the customer to understand their goals and work with Hardware Manufacturers and our associate partners to ensure we deliver to these goals.  OCS SSA Solutions can future proof your Self Service channel by integrating the latest hardware by not tying you to one vendor with their software but working with them to create a "plug and play" solution extending our SSA framework.

Services Overview

SSA Solutions offers a full range of services to support our customers with self service automation software and self service automation integration.  We internally focus on the software and hardware integration to software components of the intelligent self service user experience.  We partner with specialist and global hardware vendors, distributors and configuration organisations to provide a complete self service automation solution.  Additionally, our technical depth and breadth enables our clients to operate mixed hardware estates with minimal disruption.  OCS SSA Solutions services may be categorised into the following:

For further information on OCS Self Service Automation Solutions and the customers we are helping please email:  or call 020 8731 4335.

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